Why don’t DBAs backup their databases

Backups are important. Nobody argues with that, but so many people lose their databases every day.

Why does it happen? In our opinion there are several reasons:

  1. People procrastinate backups. Really, backups are not as much exciting as new features of your lovely application. Setting up the backups is boring and your boss takes as granted that you set them up.
  2. Backups are not verified. You believe your database is backed up, but some stupid tiny typo in a backup script breaks everything.
  3. Backups don’t work out-of-box. You need additional infrastructure like storage. Depending on your backup software you need to write script, wrappers and maintain all that.
  4. Restore procedures are complex. Especially when it comes to incremental backups.

TwinDB is developed to break this poor practice and build the best one.

How to make backups better

We decides to change this. Backups must be easy and reliable nowadays. With that in mind we developed TwinDB that will make DBA’s happy.

Central management

We believe the backups should be managed centrally in one place. TwinDB has a web console where DBA can see all their MySQL servers. They can configure schedules, retention policies, storage.

MySQL server runs a small agent that periodically requests jobs from TwinDB management node. It tells the agent what to do: to take backup, to restore it etc.

Easy to start

Think about how you usually start using new software. You download it. Try to install it. Then google to solve all dependency problems. Then read tons of manuals to configure it to do things your way. Then google again. We believe this is wrong. In TwinDB we want to do it right way.

To start backing up your database server the DBA basically needs to do two simple steps:

  1. Register an account in TwinDB. It’s so easy – just give us your email so we know who you are.
  2. Install TwinDB agent on MySQL server.

The TwinDB agent runs as a background job, it connects to TwinDB and gets jobs to do. If TwinDB orders the agent to take backup it takes the backup encrypts it and streams to the cloud storage.

Easy to restore

Could you imagine you can restore a database from a set of incremental copies with a simple mouse click? TwinDB can do it!

To restore the database you just need to right-click on the backup copy, choose “Restore” and give it a path to a directory on MySQL server where you want TwinDB to restore the database.

TwinDB agent will get the job and will restore the database. As simple as that.

Free storage backups

TwinDB provides 2GB of disk space for your backups.

For bigger databases you can buy more disk space.

Another option is to add your server to be used for backup storage. Email us if you prefer this way.

Does it sound reasonable? Then check out TwinDB demo and welcome!

No? Then give us your ideas, we’ll do our best to make it happen and make the world more 21st century.

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