TwinDB Backup for MySQL.

TwinDB Backups for MySQL

TwinDB Backup is a multipurpose tool for backing up MySQL and file system. It can store backup copies on a remote SSH server or Amazon S3. The tool can easily restore the backup copies.

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  • twindb-backup key features:
  • Files/directories backups
  • MySQL backups
  • Incremental MySQL backups
  • Encrypting backup copies

  • twindb-backup store backups on:
  • Remote SSH server
  • Amazon S3
  • Optionally save local copy

Other features:
  • Retention policy defines how many hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly copies to keep
  • Separate retention policy for remote and local backup copies
  • Supports non-impacting Percona XtraDB Cluster backups
  • Email notifications
  • cron configuration comes with a package

How do I get set up?

twindb-backup is distributed via package repositories.

browse github

Our customers say

Twindb saved me a lot. When I was informed by my staff that the data is crashed, I am very stressed. All my customer data is there. My staff had been recovered the DB but no result. Only 8 table recovered from 30. Then we tried to search any tools in google and found twinDB. And…wowwww…..100% my Db is back… Salute for TwinDB..and the price is affordable. Thanks for help me Aleks, I have recommended TwinDB to this service to all my colleagues.

JAROD DWI HARTO Head of Telco Managed Services

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