TwinDB Backup for MySQL.

TwinDB Backups for MySQL

There is a lot of great backup tools for MySQL on the market. You may wonder, why there is another one? Fair question.

Percona XtraBackup is a standard de-facto tool for large MySQL databases. It’s free, opensource, it supports incremental backups. But that’s not enough to solve the backups problem. Additionally you need scheduling, compression, encryption, retention policy, integration with external storage. And on top of that, backups verification, monitoring and alerting.

What do people usually do? They take Xtrabackup, wrap it into a home-baked script and put it in cron. But the above mentioned problems are far complex to leave them on mercy of a simple script. Software with a full featured development cycle it more appropriate for these kind of technical problems. Versions control, unit and integration tests good documentation are usually missed.

That’s why we built TwinDB Backup Tool. We use Percona XtraBackup to actually take copies, plus implement all missing features on top of it. Not only it’s easy to use but it also allows to build comprehensive backup solution with encryption at rest, backups verification, monitoring and alerting.

TwinDB Backup Tool currently supports MySQL and File system backups. It uses Amazon S3, Google Cloud or remote SSH for storage.

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TwinDB Backup Tool Key Features

  • Files/directories backups
  • MySQL backups
  • Differential MySQL backups
  • Backup copies encryption at rest
  • Compression
  • Backups verification
  • Backups monitoring
Storage Options
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Remote SSH server
  • Optionally save local copy
Other features:
  • Retention policy defines how many hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly copies to keep
  • Separate retention policy for remote and local backup copies
  • Supports non-impacting Percona XtraDB Cluster backups
  • Email notifications
  • Datadog integration
  • cron configuration comes with a package

How do I get set up?

On CentOS and RedHat

On Debian and Ubuntu

TwinDB Backup Tool source code is hosted on GitHub.