TwinDB Data Recovery Toolkit

UnDrop For InnoDB

Supported Failures

TwinDB Data Recovery Toolkit is a set of tools that operate with MySQL files at low level and allow to recover InnoDB databases after different failure scenarios.

The toolkit is also known as UnDrop for InnoDB, which is more accurate name because the toolkit works with InnoDB tables.

The tool recovers data when backups are not available. It supports recovery from following failures:

  • A table or database was dropped.
  • InnoDB table space corruption.
  • Hard disk failure.
  • File system corruption.
  • Records were deleted from a table.
  • A table was truncated.
  • InnoDB files were accidentally deleted.
  • A table was dropped and created empty one.


The source code of the toolkit is hosted on GitHub. The tool has been developed on Linux, it’s known to work on CentOS 4, 5, 6, 7, Debian, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux. Only 64 bit systems are supported.

To best way to get the source code is to check it out from the master branch.


The toolkit needs make, gcc, flex and bison to compile.


To build the toolkit run make in the source code root:


There is a series of blog posts that describe in great details recovery from different failures.

Commercial Support and Data Recovery Service

You can recover your database using the toolkit and detailed instructions from the blog posts. We can help you to do it much faster.

Aleksandr Kuzminsky is the author of TwinDB data recovery toolkit and its forks. Since 2008 he dealt with many hundreds recovery cases.

Check “MySQL Data Recovery Service” to learn more about prices, prerequisites and contact details.