mydumper is a a tool for fast reliable logical backups. It is an alternative to mysqldump and has many advantages over mysqldump some of which are listed below:

    • Multi-threaded backup tool which makes it a lot faster then mysqldump, as mysqldump is single threaded. This is especially helpful if you have very fast storage such as SSDs which can be much better utilized with multiple threads.
    • The tool produces separate files for separate tables instead of one big monolithic file, making it easy to restore single tables. You can even chunk the table into multiple files which is super useful for cases where you have very large tables.
    • The tool allows for multi-threaded restores, making restores an order of magnitude faster in comparison to restoring from mysqldump produced backups. This is especially true for large datasets.
    • The tool provides in-built compression, so that the backup files are written in compressed form.

Up until now, RPMs for mydumper were not readily available, but we now provide mydumper RPM for CentOS and RHEL versions 6 and 7. The RPMs are available from the TwinDB repository.

The TwinDB repository can be installed on CentOS and RHEL systems by executing the following command:

The key we use to sign our packages can be downloaded from here.

Once the repository is setup by installing the package above, installing mydumper RPM is as simple as running:

The mydumper tool installed from the TwinDB repository has been built against MySQL 5.6 and has been tested to work with MySQL 5.6 and Percona Server 5.6. We also plan on releasing mydumper built against MySQL 5.7.

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