MySQL Backup Service

MySQL Backup Service

Data is the basis of interpretation for the market, which makes it a pillar for growth and sustainability of the business. As the data grows, so is the task and risk of managing it. Data losses have substantial consequences and can lead to large-scale interruptions of your business.

TwinDB offers a powerful backup solution TwinDB Backup designed to provide secure, reliable, and monitored backups with automated data protection of MySQL Database server.

TwinDB Backup tool is installed on the database server and it supports MySQL versions 5.5 and above on 64-bit Linux Operating System. It is a simple, efficient, and robust tool with powerful capabilities like encryption, compression, monitoring, verification, and restore.

Backups are taken regularly with TwinDB Backup tool as per the configured schedule. The tool takes online non-blocking backups with Percona XtraBackup. It takes backup copies periodically – compresses, encrypts, and streams the backup copy to the pre-configured storage.

TwinDB backup reference architecture

With TwinDB Backup, you can achieve the following key benefits:

  • TwinDB Backup supports Differential backup, which has higher tolerance against backup corruption with controlled backup file size.
  • Caters multiple storage options such as Remote SSH server, Amazon S3, and Azure (proposed future implementation).
  • Maintains quantified amount of hourly/daily/weekly/monthly and annual copies.
  • Supports configurable retention policies and GPG encryption at rest.
  • Inclusive reliable restore function.
  • To improve Restore Time Objective, the tool stores a copy of the backup on the local Database Server.
  • Pre-configured queries are executed against the database to verify data availability and consistency.
  • Reports Backup Time, Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective metrics to Datadog monitoring system.

The Differential backup takes a copy of the database state since the last full backup.

For example, A Database Administrator takes a full backup on a Sunday, a differential backup on the other days will capture the difference between the latest database state and the full backup. This cycle is repeated until the next full backup is performed.

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