MySQL Data Recovery

MySQL Data Recovery Service

If you need help with recovering your MySQL database, book data recovery service.

Supported Failure Scenarios for MySQL Data Recovery Service

Even if you don’t have backups we can salvage database after following accidents:

  • Corrupt InnoDB tablespace
  • Unrecoverable XtraBackup copies
  • Wrong UPDATE
  • Corrupt file system
  • Deleted ibdata1 or *.ibd files

In short, if the data is still on media we can get it back.

Immediate Actions for MySQL Data Recovery Service

Time is precious when it comes to data recovery. Any moment MySQL or operating system can overwrite your data.

Depending on failure scenario the first steps you should do

Failure: DROP DATABASE or DROP TABLE, innodb_file_per_table is OFF

All your data is in ibdata1 file.

  • Kill mysqld_safe
# ps ax | grep mysqld_safe
# kill -9 <pid of mysqld_safe>
  • Kill mysqld process
# ps ax | grep mysqld
# kill -9 <pid of mysqld>

Failure: DROP DATABASE or DROP TABLE, innodb_file_per_table is ON

When MySQL drops a table it removes respective *.ibd file. Operating system is allowed to reuse free space, so it’s very important to save state of the disk partition where MySQL files were stored.


  • Kill MySQL as advised above
  • Check where MySQL datadir is mounted
# df -h `mysql -NBe "select @@datadir"`
Filesystem                        Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/vg_twindbdev-lv_data  18G   12G  5.1G  70% /mnt/data
  • Remount the partition read-only
# umount /mnt/data
# mount -r /dev/mapper/vg_twindbdev-lv_data /mnt/data

Failure: deleted InnoDB files (ibdata1, *.ibd)

Fortunately MySQL keeps ibdata1 open all time. If you delete the file it will be accessible for MySQL process.

Don’t stop MySQL otherwise it will release the file and operating system will remove it! ibdata1 is still accessible in /proc filesystem.

Prerequisites for MySQL Data Recovery Service

For successful data recovery we need:

  1. Table structure. It can be either CREATE TABLE statements or *.frm files. In some cases we can recover the structure from InnoDB dictionary
  2. Media with data. File, disk image, etc where the data was stored.

MySQL Data Recovery Service Warranty

Although usually we achieve pretty high recovery rate we cannot guarantee successful recovery in a contract. However we will do our best to get your data back.

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