Recently, we have implemented a set of new commands in ProxySQL Tools to manage MySQL users. You can create, delete, and modify users from command line. There are commands:

You can set a user’s password can be set at time of creation with —-password option or later on with  set_password sub-command.

Create user

Let’s add MySQL user to ProxySQL Tools with the next params:

Username: mysql_user
Password: mysql_user_password
Active: True
Use SSL: True
Default hostgroup: 10
Default schema: information_schema
Schema locked: True
Transaction persistent: True
Fast forward: True
Backend: True
Frontend: True
Max connections: 10000

Modify user

Let’s now modify a user:

Delete user

Now, let’s try to delete a user using ProxySQL Tools:


The new features aim to improve MySQL user management in ProxySQL. You don’t need to manually add or change users via mysql_users table, all changes can be made with ProxySQL Tools.