1. Show differences found by pt-table-checksum

Show differences found by pt-table-checksum

pt-table-checksum perfectly solves problem of checking if master and its slaves are in-sync. It answers the question “Are the slaves consistent with the master?”. However if the answer is “No” pt-table-checksum doesn’t actually tell what exactly is different.

pt-table-sync may give a partial answer. It can print SQL statements to sync the replication cluster. Reading the SQL code you may guess what records were missing/extra or differ.

This is not very convenient. I’d note pt-table-sync solves well a problem it was designed to solve – sync two or more servers.

TwinDB Table Compare is a tool that shows what exactly is different between a slave and its master. It is published on PyPi so you can install it right away:

TwinDB Table Compare depends on MySQLdb. MySQLdb in its turn requires several dependencies you need to install to get in compiled.

Once everything is installed we can see how our master and slave differ.

The source code is published on GitHub, we’d love your feedback and contributions.

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