A database will not restore via any of the methods and TwinDB online tool says that there are no good pages.  However, I don’t believe that and have narrowed it down to this issue.

[root@centos home]# innochecksum /var/lib/mysql/db/wp_posts.ibd

innochecksum: /export/home/pb2/build/sb_0-21378219-1480342906.75/rpm/BUILD/mysql-5.7.17/mysql-5.7.17/storage/innobase/include/page0size.h:68: page_size_t::page_size_t(ulint, ulint, bool): Assertion `logical <= (1 << 16)' failed.

Aborted (core dumped)
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    • 2 years ago
    Is the table compressed or not? If it is compressed that may explain why the toolkit hasn’t found any pages.
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I would try different approach. Even if innochecksum tells checksum doesn’t much, what will it give? Obviously the tablespace is corrupt.

Instead, I’d try to figure out why the tool can’t find any pages in the tablespace.

Take the latest revision (use bzr branch, don’t download outdated 0.5 version) of, compile it and run page_parser

./page_parser -5f /var/lib/mysql/db/wp_posts.ibd

Check if it found any pages, try debug mode (-D option).

page_parser as well as our tool checks InnoDB page signature to detect whether the page is good or not. If you see “supremum” and “infimum” string in the beginning of a page – it’s a valid page.

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