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Recover corrupted or crashed MySQL database online

Earlier before we blogged about ways to recover corrupt MySQL database with TwinDB Data Recovery Toolkit. However learning curve of the toolkit is rather steep. It takes time to get familiar with InnoDB internals and the tool. And let’s be honest nobody gets prepared for data loss – people who prepare for disaster recovery take […]

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How to evaluate if MySQL table can be recovered

What are odds MySQL table can be recovered? This is the most asked question. Every single customer asks if their MySQL table can be recovered. Although it’s not possible to answer that with 100% confidence there are ways to estimate recovery chances. I will describe few tricks. Generally speaking, if data is on media there […]

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UnDROP tool for InnoDB

UnDROP tool for InnoDB TwinDB data recovery toolkit is a set of tools that work with InnoDB tablespaces at low level. Incredible Performance of stream_parser stream_parser is a tool that finds InnoDB pages in stream of bytes. It can be either file such as ibdata1, *.ibd or raw partition. stream_parser runs as many parallel workers […]

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