TwinDB Software Repository

TwinDB Software Repository

Provides packages for RedHat and Debian based systems

Some of TwinDB packages depend on Percona packages. Install Percona repository before installing our repository.

For Debian and Ubuntu visit APT Repo installation page. For CentOS/RedHat visit YUM repo installation page.

YUM repository for RedHat based systems

To install the TwinDB repository on RedHat based OS run as root

APT repository for Debian or Ubuntu

Install repository source

For more advanced installation options visit our repo on PackageCloud.

Ask the Experts

Our customers say

Twindb saved me a lot. When I was informed by my staff that the data is crashed, I am very stressed. All my customer data is there. My staff had been recovered the DB but no result. Only 8 table recovered from 30. Then we tried to search any tools in google and found twinDB. And…wowwww…..100% my Db is back… Salute for TwinDB..and the price is affordable. Thanks for help me Aleks, I have recommended TwinDB to this service to all my colleagues.

JAROD DWI HARTO Head of Telco Managed Services

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