Percona Live is a Christmas in MySQL world. It’s time when all friends and family gather over a glass of beer. Everyone is talking about achievements of the last year and make New Year resolutions for a next one.

There will be two talks from TwinDB this year. One is about data recovery and one – about backups.

The data recovery talk is a kind of traditional talk. I will briefly cover InnoDB files format so you know where to look for data. I will show how to recover data from two most popular accidents: InnoDB tablespace corruption and DROP TABLE or DROP DATABASE. Data recovery is impossible without table structure recovery. I will show how to get the structure from an .frm file or from InnoDB dictionary (think of DROP TABLE when the .frm file is gone). We made a drastic improvement in user interface last year. Now data recovery toolkit is available online. Data recovery with few mouse clicks? Easy! So, come on Tuesday right after the lunch and check it out.


MySQL Data Recovery with TwinDB Undrop for InnoDB | Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016

Even without available backups InnoDB’s design allows to recover database after many kinds of accidents. The session will cover: * InnoDB files and their formats * Recovery corrupted databases * Recovery after DROP TABLE * Recovery compressed InnoDB tables * Table structure recovery from FRM files and InnoDB dictionary

Second talk is about MySQL backups. It features a rock star speaker, my colleague from Dropbox and Percona Peter Boros!

Percona’s XtraBackup became the standard de facto for backing up MySQL databases. We collected all our experience with XtraBackup and compiled it in a set of recommendations on how to do each step of backup process right way including, but not limiting to:

  • What’s better incremental or differential backups, how to do either of them
  • How to do compression
  • How to do encryption
  • How to transfer backups
  • How to prepare backup
  • Indicative benchmarks so you know how fast you can take, compress, encrypt and transfer backups
  • And last, but not least is how to actually verify your backups so you don’t become our data recovery customer.

So, check it out in the end of Tuesday, right before the evening beer session.

MySQL backup & verification best practices with Percona Xtrabackup | Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016

MySQL backup & verification best practices with Percona Xtrabackup 19 April 04:50 PM – 5:15 PM @ Ballroom F How to take reliable MySQL backups. There are several problems to solve: 1. Full vs Incremental vs Differential backups 2. Streaming incremental copies 3. Protecting backup copies 4. Compression options 5.